Control panels

Vector Electric Co. has been an owner operated original equipment manufacturer since 2002.
We specialize in PLC based panels for Process Control, Motor Controllers( VFD) , Automation, Sorting Systems, , Power Monitoring Systems and various other electrical control applications.

Vector Electric Co. provides Electrical Systems engineering, programming and start up services.
We are dedicated to you and your projects from start to finish and once the project is completed, will always continue to provide support and services.


Current strict quality controls requirement and quality low priced final product dictate way to design your factory and key word is automation. Let us show you how we can help you with this task to achieve great results. Smart sensors and vision enabled cameras along with robotic devices can help human workers with repeatable precision tasks and there is no break time required .Type your paragraph here.

Engineering and design

Our team of  engineers and drafters is ready to take all of  the challenges that  customers project my bring on the table. Years of  experience in various industrial and commercial project  warrant that your project will be designed with top of the industry innovations and cost- effective solutions along with  promised timeline. Owner is licensed professional engineer and contractor  to review and stamp the plans..

Emergency services

No matter how reliable components and devices are used accidental failure happens.  We understand that and that’s why fully equipped emergency respond truck with highly trained crew is on stand by to help. Call us 24/7 and we’ll respond in matters of minutes.

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 Statistically over 60 percent of all generated energy   is used for lighting. That more then probably anybody anticipated and that’s why smart energy efficient  lighting design can pay back very fast not to mention of being environmentally friendly. Using proven lighting controls solution paired with energy saving  fixtures we can save you money and resources for the future generations.Type your paragraph here.

Data and communications circuits

Data and communications circuits are nerve of the factory this days. Without smartly designed and reliable circuits even the best and biggest factories can not function. Redundant and backup systems are integral part of ours  design  and will ensure data flow in case of emergency.

New building construction and factory relocation

Your project could go only as smooth and painless as good is contractor you choose.
Years of experience in building design and factory relocations will be significant asset in that task that Vector Electric Company will bring to your project. Give us a call and we will show you how easy this task could be. Off course we will also handle all of the pain to obtain all necessary permits approvals and inspections.        

Power distribution

No matter what your power requirements, we can provide you with what you need.  We determine how much power is necessary to run your equipment and design a power distribution system that will handle the load.  Whether it's installing a new panel to add to the existing distribution system or designing and installing a distribution system from the start, we do it all.

Infra red scan and maintenance

In order for your machinery and controls to function flawlessly periodical maintenance is required. Let us scan your machinery to find probelms before failure happens.

Process control

Low budget and full scale automation may sound like task impossible but not with us.
Using newest generation process logic controllers(PLC) and man machine interfaces along with smart programming will put you in full control of manufacturing process at the fraction of the cost usually associated with typical design. If data collection is required Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) will  be implemented  along with your PLC system.

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